Monday, January 9, 2012

Bachelorette Profile- JANAE

I am so excited to premier the MLM Bachelorette Profiles!!  

Each week, a newly engaged bachelorette will have their very own profile letting everyone know what makes their fiance amazing, a few of their favorite things and what type of MLM Bachelorette they are - Bottle Poppin' Bachelorette, Zen Bachelorette or a Girls Night In Bachelorette.  If you are newly engaged and want to have a personalized profile, be sure to let me know!!

My very first bachelorette is near and dear to my heart.  Her name is Janae and she is engaged to Johnny's little brother, Ricky.  They met 5 years ago at a Super Bowl party and were soon inseparable ever since.  She describes him as AMAZING :) caring, hardworking and trustworthy, aww.

Ricky popped the question right before Christmas by making an adorable sign, spelling out JANAE, Will You Marry Me? in bright pink lights.  He was waiting outside for her to get home from work and  Once she pulled up next to the sign, Ricky dropped down on one knee and asked her to be his wife.  Once she said yes, her family jumped out of their hiding places to congratulate the happy couple.

Janae loves the ocean and they will be having a September 2012 wedding in beautiful Laguna Beach.  Her signature cocktail is a margarita and she wants to spend her honeymoon drinking them.. where else but at the beach!

 You can find the two love birds riding dirtbikes in Glamis or crusin' down the Colorado River when the temperature starts to rise.  She loves listening to Adele, munching on sour candy and drinking her fav coffee from Coffee Bean.

Janae is a combination of a Zen Bachelorette and A Girls Night In Bachelorette.  She wants to have a relaxing spa day before throwing an outrageous slumber with all of her best girlfriends.  There will be Italian food, plenty of drinks and crazy games until the sun comes up!!

Love you Janae and I am so happy for you two!!

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