Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Zen Bachelorette- Healthy Weekend Retreat

Hello Beauties,

I hope everyone had a fun weekend watching The Superbowl.  Did you know that the second biggest day of the year for over eating, besides Thanksgiving, is the Super Bowl??  I can say that I fell victim to a giant plate of Shrimp Nachos yesterday so when I was thinking of a Zen Bachelorette Party this morning, a Healthy Weekend Retreat was exactly what I had in mind.

Bachelorette Parties of the past were filled with Penis Veils, Raunchy Strippers and Embarrassing the bride to be (not that there isn't anything wrong with that! LOL).  But Modern Bachelorettes are looking for activities that really showcase their personalities and interests.  A huge trend for Bachelorettes is focusing on healthy living, exercising and relaxation. 

The Zen Bachelorette Healthy Weekend Retreat can take place at a private home (especially if there is a big yard and pool) or at a hotel.  The girls will arrive on Saturday Morning to a fresh breakfast buffet of yogurt, granola and fruit while toasting with fresh smoothies.  Once everyone has arrived the private yoga class will begin.  A yoga instructor will help everyone feel comfortable and encourage beginners to try something new.  Yoga for Weddings is a Southern California based yoga studio that specializes in providing private classes for Bridal showers, Bachelorette Parties, Stress Relief workshops before the big day and they can even officiate your wedding!

After the private yoga session, the ladies can relax poolside sipping the signature cocktail, a cucumber mojito, or indulge in manicures and pedicures.  Once everyone is relaxed the ladies can get ready for a night at the hottest sushi restaurant in town or have a delicious healthy meal catered right to them.

Since they didn't go overboard with the booze and wild antics the bridal party can set out on a beautiful nature hike the next day.  This gives the group the opportunity to focus on their friendships while working up a little sweat.

Other activities could include a 5k race, Private Pilates class, S-Factor class (An awesome new pole dancing workout) or Bootcamp!

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