Friday, January 6, 2012

Top 5 Celebrity Bachelorettes

There is just something about sipping hot coco by the fire, while roasting chestnuts with a gentle snow fall out side that makes men drop down on one and ask that very special question... Will you marry me?  And in honor of their romantic side I will give you the Top 5 Holiday Bachelorettes

5. Camila Alves- Ok, she isn't a huge celebrity but Matty McConaughey finally put a ring on it and that is worthy to make it to the list this year.  Let's just hope being a married man doesn't stop his shirtless workouts up and down Malibu.  See their Official Photo Announcement Here.

4. Jessica Biel- I am not quite sure how I feel about this bachelorette.  I mean, JT inspired millions of people to bring sexy back... and now he will have a Mrs. SEXY BACK?? I don't think so.  Jessy, you seem like a sweet girl but let's hope this isn't a career crusher for your man.

3. Drew Barrymore- This is an engagement I am excited for.  I love Drew because she seems nice, relatable, goofy and a free spirit.  Her finace, Will Kopelman, is a cutie of the art world.  Apparently he slipped a 4 carat, radiant cut ring on  her finger during a trip to Sun Valley.  Congrats!!

2. It's Britney Betch!! - Our favorite Pop Princess is walking down the aisle for a third time.  She repordetly wants a more down to earth affair for her close friends and family.  Her ex-manager, Jason Tratwick proposed before whisking her off to celebrate in good old Sin City.  I hope this one lasts longer than her firs two combined.

1. Aretha Franklin- The glamorous Miss Franklin got engaged over the holidays to her long time companion.  Aretha takes the top spot on this list for a few reasons.. First, her finace's name is William Wilkerson, which is awesome in itself.  Second, the songstress is 69 years old, my lucky number. Third, she taught us how to have a little RESPECT and what it is to be A Natural Woman... So Cheers to you Aretha!!

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