Sunday, March 18, 2012

Modern, Luxurious and Magical Escort Card Inspiration

Hello Beauties!

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I have been busy completing projects for an upcoming wedding I'm coordinating! I can't wait to share the pictures.

I have been looking for Modern, Luxurious and Magical inspiration for an escort card display and here are my favorite finds from Pinterest.  Be sure to Follow MLM Worldwide Event Planning on Pinterest for a daily dose of great inspiration.

Escort cards can be displayed in a traditional arrangement on a table with a show stopping centerpiece

One way to get a lot of bang out of your floral budget is to have the largest arrangement at the wedding on the escort card table.  It is the first thing guests will see before entering the actual reception so a large arrangement will make a lasting impression

Another great idea for the escort table is the edible escort card 

A miniature bottle of ketchup would be a great addition to a casual b-b-q.  

Bottled of soda adds a great pop of color to a bright, modern event.   

Stripped Lollipops in a green silk box adds a playful element to a stuffy black tie affair. 

A terra cotta pot of fresh herbs would make a wonderful edible favor for the guest to take home

Rustic inspired escort displays 

Table assignments etched onto vintage window panes is an unexpected update on the traditional display

A rusted wagon filled with wheat grass keeps the escort tags in order

A sunflower for each guest look amazing at a Summer wedding

A tiny bundle of Lavender would not only look beautiful but be fragrant as well

A gilded gold frame with rows of lace is a great blend way to display the escort cards.  The clothespins holding the cards to the lace can be glittered to add extra sparkle

A vintage key is a wonderful keepsake 

The Escort Card Display is a great way to add some personality into your event.  Incorporate something you love to do as a couple or showcase your wedding colors in an unexpected way.  For more escort card ideas visit my Pinterest Page

Did you have an unexpected escort card table? What are you planning on doing for your upcoming event? Please share your ideas, I would love to hear!

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