Saturday, March 17, 2012

MLM Bachelorette Profile- Stephanie Thuss

Hello Beauties!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  It's sprinkling here in Los Angeles so I hope everyone stays dry while bar hopping today.

To celebrate an amazing excuse for drinking green beer I am bringing you a great 
MLM Bachelorette Profile- Stephanie Thuss!!

Stephanie is such a sweet heart and is always so much fun to be around.  She met her fiance, Garrit Barth at "the shore" in Long Beach, CA. They quickly became friends and he pursued Stephanie until she finally agreed to be his girlfriend on June 13, 2007.  She describes Garrit as Outgoing, Athletic and Sweet!

Their proposal story is a perfect look inside their relationship- genuine and silly at the same time.  On August 13, 2011 Garrit was insisting Stephanie leave happy hour with a girlfriend so that they could get a paddle boarding session in.  She really wasn't in the mood but her friend helped persuade her to meet Garrit.  Once they hit the Canals of Naples and were making their way to the Bay, Garrit began with his speech, "You know how much I love you right?"  Stephanie was turning to answer with, "Yes, Of Course!", when she saw him down on one knee.. balancing on his paddle board, mind you.  His next words were "Will you marry me?"

Stephanie was so shocked, she thought he might really be pranking her! As she was paddling to turn her board to face him, he reached forward to hand her the ring.  Garrit stumbled and the ring splashed down, into the murky bay water with a loud kerplunk.  Stephanie was filled with every emotion- shock, confusion, joy.. but she thought to herself, "Well, I guess we have to go scuba diving now to go get my ring!"  At that moment Garrit's sister yelled from the colonnade, "You Dropped IT?!??"  At this point it finally clicked to Stephanie that this wasn't a prank at all.  Garrit then reached into his pocket and said, "Just kidding, here is your real ring."  It was attached to a bright orange buoy. After paddling to his family, they celebrated all night long drinking champagne while their close friends toasted the beautiful couple.

Stephanie will celebrate her last night as a single lady eating Yellowtail shashimi and drinking a Sailor Jerry and Coke. She regularly practices Birkham Yoga (and has the abs to prove it).  Steph and Garrit love to snuggle up and catch up on their biggest guilty pleasure- Jersey Shore!  If the happy couple has their way, they would be relaxing in fabulous Bora Bora in an over-water hut during their honeymoon.

Stephanie's Bachelorette Party must haves are House Music and a gorgeous Swimming Pool.  She is a Bottle Poppin' Bachelorette All The WAY!  Vegas better watch out!

Congratulations Stephanie and Garrit!! All of the best wishes for a fun-filled future together! 


  1. Can't wait for Vegas beauty!! -Erin

  2. Love steph so much! This is her year!!!
    Xoxo love, cyn

  3. Vegas here we come MEAN GIRLS style! Love the website, you guys are adorable!

  4. Thank you Mary Ann! Hope you girls have a blast!

  5. Christine kiamzonMarch 18, 2012 at 8:43 AM

    I'm so happy for steph! Glad you finally met the man of your dreams. I hope you enjoy these last few months of being single! And yes, I for once Agree with Maryanne... MGs takin over Vegas once again!! PaaaartayS heeeeerre!!! Yeah!

  6. Stephanie is Beautiful inside and out. She is a awesome Labor and Delivery R.N. and is loved by the patients she cares for. wishing every happiness and God"s Blessing on their future marriage. Love Ya Patti ( Mommas )

  7. So happy for you guys!!!! Can't wait for the wedding!!! I know it's going to be amazing :)!!!!